…a little love story

by lisha epperson


our wedding day – June 1,1996
Began with a prayer….

He…stole my heart while loving and being a father to his then 6-year-old son

He…waited outside with a handful of balloons and a bag full of clothes from his designer collection on our very first date

He…was the man who not only made me laugh but made sure my spirit found reason to rejoice

He…shares his talents and creativity with me – training me in his craft and seeking my counsel in every decision

He….is New York City to me…our early courtship entangled in a maze of  unexpected diversions taken on sometimes cracked, sometimes smoothly paved sidewalks ultimately leading us to wedded bliss in Central Park

He…is the man my mother easily identified as the “one and only”, my eyes giving away when we were together, feelings I refused to express verbally

He..asked me to be his wife on a crazy, crowded NYC subway platform

He…experimented with  quinoa, kale and almond milk to indulge my inner “crunchy girl”

He.. held me, as my body trembled in his arms from the unspeakable loss of 2 pregnancies, whispering tearful goodbyes to our sweet angels as his hot tears mingled with mine

He…called me beautiful when I felt broken

He… challenged me to follow my dreams

He…opened his heart to encircle the souls of children not born of our bodies – not once but thrice…because I wanted them, because I needed them

He…loved me that much

He…is a devoted, imaginative and nurturing father

He…believed for me when I grew doubtful, tied his faith to mine when necessary and pulled me along while we waited on God’s promise

He…has lovingly embraced every version of me…my transition from girl to woman an obvious delight and unforseen bonus

He…placed his hands over my growing belly each night as we fought for our youngest in prayer against every denial and negative word concerning his birth

He..is a man of God – unafraid to cry out in worship to the One who loves him most

He…prayed for me then

He…prays for me now

We…are closer than ever

He…is my love

and I…am his

Our union is gorgeously ordinary but its the trials that have birthed a beautiful, show-stopping, one of a kind – FAITH -in God and in each other…How has your marriage grown and what challenges have birthed the beautiful  in your relationship?


and sealed with a kiss