Sunday Sermon

by lisha epperson


surrender. that’s all. surrender

I am determined to experience the sermon on Sunday.  For our family,it is the one day of the week when there are no planned classes, no appointments, no place to be. Yet Sundays are hard.  My husband has been called to work weekends during this season so after a day of too many bus rides and pretty much non-stop solo parenting on Saturday…I am tired.  I am tired from the shenanigans of the previous week – the homeschooling, the grocery shopping, the meal planning and yes! the drama dispelling that 4 young children often need.  Sigh… Saturdays mayhem makes Sunday my sermon. My lesson day.  I try to intentionally hear Gods voice in everything.  I slow down and refuse to work the day around a schedule.  I let if flow. No pushing.  No resistance.  I surrender – because I so desperately need to receive His word.

so this is what happened today…

I served a gospel pancake brunch to my children while we watched an online church service. The kids insisted on partaking in the communion service – a sip of water and a pancake morsel standing in as communion elements. I let them do it and was blessed by their beautiful hearts, turned towards the things of God at such a young age.

I prepared a pretty fly lunch of coconut rice, sautéed broccoli and black beans.  Initially daunted by the usual “Just what are we going to have for lunch?” I encouraged myself to use whatever we had instead of going to the store or ordering takeout. My “waste not want not” meals can be surprisingly creative and yummy.

I took a delicious nap with my cute but contrary toddler.  Well before his usual nap time he scurried into the living room with cries of “Mommy. I want my mommy. Pick me up.” I stopped what I was doing, turned off the burners on the stove and gathered him in my arms.  I could barely collect all of his lovely 2-year-old exuberance before realizing he was already dozing.  I took him to my bed and we lay down.  Nap time was early and I let it flow.

I taught my eldest daughter how to stretch properly to improve  her leg extensions. Ila has a ridiculously flexible skating buddy and their friendly competition is helpful in pushing each of them to be their unique best.  Today she wanted to work on flexibility and I guess I needed to focus on being pliable.

I listened to my 12-year-old talk about Minecraft strategies – of which I know embarrassingly little.  On a surrendered Sunday afternoon, I  listened to him go on and on about the world of adventure this game provides. I even had a moment to throw in a little chore reinforcement without nagging.  Just the two of us talking. Both engaged. Nice.

We sat down for lunch followed by a bowl of frozen blueberries – a treat for Chailah, my 4-year-old fruit lover.  The juicy kisses of my girl were just what I needed to remind me how sweet the release can be.

the day is yet young – 2:48 p.m and its far from over  but I have walked with Him and I am grateful…

I even found time to write this post – (big WOW and praise dance interlude…)

I am called to be at home.  Ladies, you know it’s the most challenging of career choices and only His leading could make you consider it, but His grace is always there.  If we are mindful to let Him in –  He will restore everything we’ve poured out. We will often miss the mark – our humanity assures this. Life will happen and interruptions are promised – but we will hear Him during the Sunday sermon.


If not in act, SURRENDER allows me to experience this type of stillness in my head and heart

How is your day going? Have you yet heard the sermon?  What is He saying to you?