Something New

by lisha epperson

Re-post from early March

It’s a brisk pre-spring day in NYC and the chill in the air is helping  keep me awake after last nights online craziness.  I went to bed at 3:30 a.m. – way too late for a mama like me. The lovelies are in no way concerned with my late night hi-jinx and prefer that I keep it moving in the a.m. No excuses.

So….I am in the process of upgrading from to  I am not a computer wiz…not by far – so this is me – stretching again.  I am jumping off a very steep cliff with this and feel uncertain but I’m pressing through.  Please take a moment to explore the site ( and offer any feedback or tips that might make this transition a little smoother AND don’t forget to subscribe/follow  me here. I have so enjoyed walking,sharing and connecting with you – our journey together has just begun so let’s keep it flowing. The good nerves aka butterflies are fluttering and spring is upon us…I’ll take that as my cue to keep watering my little seedling called a blog and enjoy the new.

P.S. wanted to take a moment to urge you to consider lurking outside of your comfort zone. We serve a God of limitless creativity and He deposited some of it in all of us. Have you ever experienced the thrill of “the try”?

dreams2on my grind…

A few things…

  • I am officially launching the new site at  I’m having the usual self-hosted site drama and not sure how any of this is working yet, but I miss you!
  •  I posted a new blog today…
  • you can find it here:
  • Stop by for a visit and make sure to subscribe.  
  • set your hearts to hope all and have a blessed day….